Jot is a program that lets designers, artists and animators to directly annotate 3D computer graphics models (and animation) for stylized (NPR) rendering. Jot currently implements many of the ideas described in the research papers WYSIWYG NPR and Coherent Stylized Silhouettes, and will soon include Suggestive Contours as well. The long-range goals of the project are described here.

The Jot software is under development at Princeton University, in collaboration with researchers at Brown, Rutgers, and the University of Michigan. The implementation is intended as a research prototype, not commercial software, so it comes with the usual caveats: we know it has bugs, the UI is not well-designed, and so forth. Nonetheless, if you encounter obvious bugs, please send email to . For other concerns, such as problems with these web pages, send mail to .

Our current release runs on PC/Windows only, though we anticipate a release on LINUX soon and Mac OS-X after that. We are currently releasing software executables only, but intend to make source code available in the long run.

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