Editing Mode - Basecoat Editing Mode

The triangle meshes of objects can be rendered using an arbitrary number of shaders composited in layers. The result is called the basecoat.


Left-clicking the mesh will select it.


The GUI displays the basecoat configuration of the currently selected object.

Normal Shaders

When a normal shader layer is selected, the remaining basecoat controls adapt to display the relevent settings. The normal shader consists of a solid color, optional texture map, optional alpha and optional paper shader, and can be lit by the global lighting environment.

Normal Shaders.

Hue, Saturation, Value

Sets the solid color of the shader.


Sets the alpha used for compositing this layer. This is analogous to pressure w.r.t. paper effect simulation shader.


Selects an optional texture map to modulate the triangles. This texture map could include alpha.

Apply Paper Effect

Enable paper effect shader on this layer.

Mobile Paper Co-ords

If unchecked, the paper shader's height field texture, for this layer, is fixed in screen space. If checked, the height field texture moves with the bounding box of the object.

Use Global Lighting

If checked, triangles are modulated by the current diffuse lighting environment.

Specular Lighting

Adds a white specular component to each active light.


Regenerates the texture list.