We present below two tutorials of increasing complexity to describe Jot work flow.

Basic Tutorial

Drawing the Cactus Picture!

In this tutorial, we will create a picture of a cactus.

  1. Loading the cactus model in flat rendering.

    C:\ cd JOT_ROOT
    C:\ cd manual\tutorials\tutorial-1
    C:\ jotq cactus-1.jot

  2. Rendering the model in default NPR renderer (black silhouettes and no fill).

    Click with left mouse button on the model.

  3. Editing the silhouette

    1. Select the silhouette by clicking on it with left mouse button. The silhouette turns red.

    2. Adjust stroke width with the slider: NPR Stroke Editor->Stroke Shape/Appearance

    3. Adjust stroke flare to zero: NPR Stroke Editor->Style

    4. Apply change permanently: NPR Stroke Editor->Style and press Apply Current.

  4. Sketching the silhouette offset pattern.

    1. With the silhouette selected, sketch the silhouette offset pattern, such as the one on the lower right of the figure, using the left mouse button.

    2. Apply offset pattern to the strokes: NPR Stroke Editor->Stylization and press Apply Sketch.

  5. Setting the basecoat

    1. Switch to basecoat editing mode. Click on Previous Mode to enter Basecoat mode. Click on the model to select it again.

    2. Add a normal shader: Base Coat Editor->Base Coat->Layer Editor. Select Norm and press Add. Adjust hue (0.3), saturation (0.5), value (0.6).

    3. Add a toon shader: Base Coat Editor->Base Coat->Layer Editor. Select Toon and press Add.

      Select alpha_thin.png texture: Base Coat Editor->Base Coat->Texture and adjust alpha (0.5): Base Coat Editor->Base Coat->Alpha.

    4. Adjust lighting: Base Coat Editor->Base Coat->Toon Lighting. Select custom light L? and adjust lighting direction with Dir/Pos.

  6. Done!